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I'm Running for Re-Election

Dear Friends,

I love serving the people of Weymouth as your mayor, and I am excited to announce that I am a candidate for re-election. The role of mayor has been the greatest honor of my professional life, and the greatest challenge. This isn’t an easy job, for sure – it’s a demanding, 24/7 job. Whether I’m sitting behind my desk at town hall or in line at the grocery store speaking with residents, I’m on duty. But I knew that going into my first term. I’m a hard worker and have given my 100% to the people of Weymouth.

The job of mayor isn’t about shaking hands around town and making empty promises to secure votes. This job is about managing the many moving parts of a large town and ensuring that services are delivered and budgets are balanced. I’ve always known that not everyone would be happy with every decision I make, but I also hope that everyone recognizes that every decision I have made has been in the best interest of our town. 

The declining local aid to Weymouth, voted for by the State Senate and House, has resulted in increased budgetary challenges on an annual basis. I have fought to keep taxes low – we have the lowest taxes in Norfolk County.Through shared sacrifice and diligence we made it through the recession. We have had a positive free cash balance to close out our budget every year. Property values are rebounding. SouthField is paying taxes. Legion Field has gone from looking like a barren eyesore to becoming a recreational showpiece.

I am the only candidate in this race with the managerial experience to keep Weymouth moving forward. We have accomplished great things that I am very proud of – secured $2 million in mitigation from Southfield, built a new water treatment plant, renovated the Fogg Library, started the Weymouth Farmer’s market, found funding to repair municipal building roofs, saved the Emery Estate from developers at a reduced cost… the list goes on. I am proud of my accomplishments and ask for your vote so that we can continue moving Weymouth forward. Together.



Mayor Sue Kay